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MURDER IN ONE TAKE is a winner!!!

MURDER IN ONE TAKE by Marsha Lyons and April Kelly has now won a Gold Medal in the 2013 Florida Authors and Publisher's Association contest AND an Honorable Mention in the Writer's Digest 21st annual Self-Published book awards contest.





In honor of the upcoming (2014) reunion, authors Marsha Lyons and April Kelly, former classmates of yours, are offering a free book to you.  Please read the outlines and samples chapters of WINGED and MURDER IN ONE TAKE, select one and email April directly at sneezingelf@gmail.com to let her know which book to send you.  Be sure to include your name and snail mail address.  Your addresses, both e and snail, will not be shared with any business or person, although April says she knows a Nigerian prince who has some really good financial opportunities on offer.


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